Kim Dao Shows How To Wear A Kimono

Kim Dao is a popular YouTuber who covers lifestyle and beauty tips. She is from Australia but she is currently living in Japan. In a recent video on her channel, Kim Dao shows how to properly wear a Kimono.

She shot the video in the Kanazawa which is in the Ishikawa Prefecture. She starts out the video wearing a Japanese Kimono and lets us know she’ll be showing us how to put it on and properly wear one.

Her first stop of the day had been at the Kimono shop. Kim Dao chose a pink one because it goes with her dyed hair. She also picked out things to go with the Kimono such as hair accessories. There is a specific style of hair that a woman needs to have when wearing a Kimono which is called Moe. Basically, Kim Dao’s hair was tied up into an intricate bun at the back of her head.

In order to get into a Kimono, one needs help. Kim Dao was dressed by an older lady who has been fitting women into Kimono for many years. It is a very elaborate process with several layers and belts included. After she was fully dressed, she went into town.

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Kim Dao shows in the video what it’s like to move around in a Kimono. The person wearing one needs to be respectful of it so she walks slowly at a steady pace. Kim Dao also took the time to show us the cherry blossoms.

Samuel Strauch Real Estate Investing

Do you want to learn how to build wealth with everything that is going on in the economy? If so, Samuel Strauch is a great person to go to. He has had success over the years in the Miami real estate market. There are few people who know more about the local real estate market than he does. Not only that, but you can start to see why so many people are excited about working with him in the future. He has a passion for helping others that few other people understand. Over the years, he is a great person to work with if you are just getting started.

Finding a Property

If you want to find a property, there are a lot of ways to do so. Not only can you start to take your life to a new level, but you can have financial freedom as well. The real estate market is hotter than ever before, which means competition is going to be tough. One of the best ways to buy a property is to look at ways in which you can buy before the house goes on the market. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in this area.

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Samuel Strauch

From the time he started out in business, Samuel Strauch has always wanted to help others at a high level in life. He truly believes in the work that he is doing, and he is ready and willing to help other people get there. Now is the time to start planning and investing for the future. With all of the changes that are going on in life, he is wanting to make a difference. Samuel Strauch has proven that he has the ability to help others through the services that he provides.

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Customers Of Securus Technologies Are Solving Crimes Every Day

Detectives have recently submitted hundreds of positive comments regarding products they are using, which are created by Securus Technologies. One of the main products they use is the inmate visitor data system. This system allows detectives to get a list of visitors who are visiting multiple inmates within the state. This helps detectives search for clues regarding unsolved crimes in the area.


In addition to this, detectives also use the voicemail service provided by Securus Technologies. When a voicemail is left for an inmate, detectives can listen in on the other end. This helps detectives track the names of potential criminals.


What detectives love the most is that they can easily work with other states that support Securus Technologies. Fortunately, just about every state within the United States has obtained prison services from Securus Technologies. Detectives can easily share data and voice recordings with detectives from other states. Many detectives are calling this a miracle, others a dream come true.


Many detectives also stressed that fact of more easily keeping track of inmates going in and out of jail through Securus Technologies. Today, inmates are coming out of jail and going back in the next day, in some cases the same day. This is hard for detectives to keep up with every day.


Detectives now receive detailed reports every time an inmate is brought back into jail. This report shows the severity of the crime, the bail amount, and even the cell where the inmate is going to be placed. This has helped detectives to dig deeper into crime scenes as soon as they receive this report. Detectives also love the fact that they can go and speak with an inmate as soon as he/she is brought into custody. Usually, detectives would have to wait a day or longer for this process to take place.

The Successful Ventures Of Arthur Becker In Residential Real Estate.

Arthur Becker is a venture capitalist who enjoys investing in biotechnology, information technology, and residential real estate properties in Miami and New York. He also has extensive experience in startups, and mergers and acquisitions.

According to Wikipedia, he currently functions as the Managing Director of Madison Technology Group, an investment firm specializing in the preliminary biotechnological development, as well as property investment.

In an article on NY Daily News, from his education and training, Arthur Becker received a B.A degree in Fine Arts from the Bennington College, with a specification on Ceramics and Photography. He then went on to study Business at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He began converting old style American houses in New England before resuming his career in photography during the 1990s.

During the tenure of his career, he has been involved as a top executive in renowned technology and investment firms such as Atlantic Investors, ClearBlue Technologies, Navisite, and ZINIO. During his tenure at Navisite and ZINIO, he expanded his real estate interests and initiated condominium developments in New York and Miami.

His expertise in the management of residential real estate portfolios has enabled him to work with some of New York’s successful property developers such as Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern, and Robert Gladstone. However, on one of his latest projects, Arthur Becker has decided to go it alone. He is planning the development of a condominium scheme that will bear his name.

The thinking behind this is that Arthur Becker wants a project that will give him more exposure. With the construction set to take up to two years, he believes that the development at 465 Washington Street, Tribeca, will draw in many renters and buyers despite the deceleration in the luxury property market.

Arthur Becker claims that the building will be an artistically crafted boutique with the interior fabricated by Paris Forino. The building will have eight units for sale, with one of them being a penthouse duplex and the others being Simplex apartments. The units will be between 2000-4000 square feet at a price of $2200 to $3200 per square foot.

The development of 465 Washington has compelled Arthur Becker to buy the development rights for the adjacent 471 Washington, as well as 502-506 Canal Street that is behind the site. This is because he desires to transform the five-story building into a ten-story artisanal boutique.

In New York alone, he has invested in properties valued at $550 million in partnership with Property Markets Group and JDS Development.

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EOS Lip Balm – One Of The Most Popular Lip Care Products In The Market Today

EOS Lip Balm ( is one of the most popular oral lip care products in the market today and is used by famous personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera. The company sells over a million units every week, and the number is set to increase in the future.

The oral care category is expected to become a $2 billion industry by 2020, and EOS Lip Balm is ready to take the significant share from the pie. The company for long has been silent about its business and marketing strategy, but in a recent interview in an online publication, the managing partner and co-founder of Evolution of Smooth, Sanjiv Mehra, shared some of his views on the oral lip care industry and his product.

Sanjiv Mehra said that it was a deliberate move by the company to not share a lot of information about the business and its product or go for an aggressive marketing approach. He added that the EOS is focused on creating a brand and a line of product that would provide consumers with something different in an industry that for long hasn’t seen any innovation. EOS Lip Balm Company took the cosmetics industry by storm when it began to produce its lip balms making them available in stores. The lip products started being arranged in stores starting with Walgreens, Walmart, Lucky Vitamin and Target

The co-founders of EOS, Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, joined hands to find a product that would climb the ladder of success quickly and to make that happen, they did an extensive market research. In their findings, they came to know that the oral lip care category is the most neglected one, and it is how the EOS Lip Balm was brought to life.

In the research conducted by the company, they found that the women extensively use the lip balm as a part of their everyday beauty care regime. EOS Lip Balm continues to be the second most sold lip balm in the market after Burt’s Bees, and with innovation and development of new products and beauty care products, EOS is certainly going places and giving its competition a tough run for its money.

Lori Senecal: A Woman to Watch

Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky, a global advertising firm located in Miami, Florida, has announced its new CEO in 2016. Lori Senecal took the position and is excited to be working with the firm and continuing her career in advertising. Senecal is not your typical CEO. She comes from a very humble background and is extremely shy when around people she does not know. In an interview with Campaign US, she stated that she would often have to speak in front of hundreds of people, and the aspect of that job terrified her. However, she made up for these shortcomings by being extremely innovative and a thought leader in her field.

Senecal was born in a small town in Canada to a shopkeeper and schoolteacher. She was raised along with her three brothers and sisters. From a young age she had to fight for attention and make sure that she was as creative and innovative as she could be in order to get what she wanted. Reference: Fastcompany.

Senecal attended school at McGill University in Montreal. When she first enrolled, she had no idea what she wanted to do for a career. She decided to become a major in a business field and enrolled in as many classes as she could. Here she learned that she was very adept at marketing and advertising. Once she earned her degree in commerce, marketing, and finance, she was hired by a small advertising agency, and she got to work.

In 2006 she worked her way up to the Global Chief Innovation Officer position at McCann Worldgroup, another advertising agency. She was already seen as an innovator and creative thinker in her field, having come up with McCann’s TAG Ideation division. Just one year later she was promoted to the Presidency of McCann Worldgroup New York. Here she was seen as a leader in her field, embracing new technologies and promoting invention on a global level.

Senecal’s success did not stop there. Soon after, she became the President and CEO of Kirshenbaum, Bond, Senecal, and Partners. Here she led several engagements with clients on worldwide blue-chip accounts like Nestle, BMW, and Coca-Cola. She continued to be an innovator and one several awards in her field. She was even named as one of the top ad executives to watch in 2014 and 2016 by Ad Week.

Now Senecal is running CP+B, and she is bringing new and innovative ideas to the table. She will continue to grow and expand her career, and, for her, each year will be more interesting than the next. She is definitely a woman to watch.

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An Illustration of Brian Bonar’s Career Life

Mergers and acquisitions, equity and sourcing is a finance sector that is reserved for a few elites. These topics, being so complex, requires that one to have more the heart for it. If you are in San and want a professional to help you with any of the above, Brian Bonar is the best man for the job.

His decorated education background as well as more than three decades in the industry has made him a best bet for anyone looking for a financial specialist.

Brian studied at James Watt Technical College where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. Bonar had a great vision for his career life. So, he enrolled to further his studies at Stafford University. From the University he graduated with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Upon the completion of his studies, Bonar was first employed at the International Business Machines as a procurement officer. IBM is the world’s largest producer of computers. With his role at the company, he was required that computers were completely assembled before they reached the consumer.

He would be involves in the outsourcing of motherboards which were to be used on this computers. He worked here for about 17 years before being tapped by QMS.

QMS is one of the leading manufacturers of printing solutions, based in Alabama. Bonar joined the company in the year 1984 and was made Executive Director of Engineering. He would supervise over 100 engineers in the development of software and hardware. He worked for the company for four years before joining Rastek Corporation.

Rastek is also a leading laser printer controller developer which is based in Huntsville. At Rastek Corporation, Bonar was the VP of sales and marketing. He again worked here for two years before moving to Adptec Inc, in the year 1990. He worked here for a year, operating as the global sales manager for the company.

According to White Pages, 1991 found Brian Bonar working for Bezier systems. Bezier Systems Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California. It is one of the most reputable manufacturers and marketers of printers in the area. Bonar worked with this company for a year holding the position of Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

Today, Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Daldara Financial Corporation. He joined the company in the year 1992, working as the Director of technology sales.

He held this position until the year 1994 April. He was then promoted to serve as the VP of sales until September that year. September came and he was further promoted to be the Executive VP of the company, a role that he held until July 1997, when he was appointed COO and President of the company. The following year, he was appointed to be CEO of the company.


The strides that Adam Goldenberg is taking in transforming the fashion world

When you think about people that invest in the fashion industry, Adam Goldenberg is not the first person that comes to mind. However, after the work that they have done with JustFab, Inc, it is safe to say that they are now reshaping the entire fashion E-commerce sector.

One of the things that can be said about Adam Goldenberg is that he is great at spotting trends on He has also proven to be an expert in growing businesses and transforming them into brands that lead the entire industry. They have a combination of passion and fun that is not easy to find in the ever serious fashion industry. Adam Goldenberg founded his very first company when he was only 15 years old. After three years on the business, he sold it out to Intermix. After the sale, Adam Goldenberg decided to quit high school and move across the country to join Intermix. He joined Intermix in the capacity of Vice President of Strategic Planning.

It is his business partnership with Don Ressler that helped him get ideas for the third company that he invested in, JustFab, Inc. The pair realized that there was a gap in the fashion industry and especially in fashion items that the client had a say in the creation on They figured out that in most of the online fashion stores, the customer was not really choosing the item they wanted, but picking from a series of preselected items. They created a brand that allowed the customer to design. The other concept that they added was adding the influence of trendsetters such as Kate Hudson, Kimora Lee Simmons and several others in the creation of the fashion items that are part of the brand.

The current success that the company at is experiencing is evidence that he is one of the most innovative business minds in the country.

Karl Heideck – A Reputable Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck is a reputable attorneyKarl Heideck has been practicing law for years, and is well respected in the legal community. If you need a good lawyer to advice or guide you, or to represent you in a litigation matter, get in touch with Karl Heideck right away. Numerous people have relied on his expertise to handle their legal cases for them.

While choosing a lawyer or law firm it is important to find someone with experience in the type of situation you’re dealing with. Hiring the services of an attorney that focuses on your particular legal matter can be beneficial.

Whether you are a plaintiff or defender in a case, you’ll want to be sure you have a competent attorney by your side. A knowledgeable and competent lawyer can help resolve your case efficiently and effectively.

Karl Heideck specializes in litigation, compliance and risk management. He represents a wide variety of clients, including companies, corporate executives and individual clients.

Karl Heideck provides superior legal solutions and is dedicated to resolving legal disputes cost-effectively.

For many years, Karl Heideck has offered outstanding legal guidance and advice to clients. Karl Heideck works closely with his clients to come up with strong strategies to meet their legal needs.

As an experienced litigation lawyer, Karl Heideck performs a case investigation and research to determine the circumstances surrounding his client’s case. He gathers the evidence that pertains to the case, and assesses the situation before deciding the best strategy to address the case.

Karl Heideck also has great skills in corporate law, legal writing, employment law, product liability, legal research, and commercial litigation.

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The Storytelling Heart Of Michael Zomber

There are few people who have the passion and creativity to be a storyteller. Michael Zomber is one of the storytellers of this generation. One thing that needs to be understood about storytellers like Michael is that while they write and tell fictional stories, they are actually passionate about truth.

According to Good Reads, Michael Zoomber is an accomplished artist, screenwriter, and historian. His passion for history has granted him a lot of recognition and respect. He has shown that he is very passionate about different cultures. Among the cultures that he is very passionate about is Japanese culture. He has collected antiques from ancient Japanese culture.

As a historian, Michael Zoomber has been featured on The History Channel as a speaker on a historical documentary. He has spoken about the history of Japanese culture. He has shown himself to be accurate in what he is talking about.

He has also written books that have been published. His screenplays have been produced into films. Michael has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime seeing that many books don’t get published, and screenplays don’t even get picked up. This shows that passion with the right amount of wisdom can take one very far in life.

Michael Zomber’s passionate heart is an inspiration to many people. It shows that people can take risks and succeed in a way that is similar to how Michael Zomber has. When one finds something that he is passionate about and pursues it, then he is going to go very far in his success.

Among the works that he is responsible for is the documentary Soul of the Samurai, which he has produced with his wife. Given his understanding of history. Michael is involved in many initiatives to bring about greater peace among people of different cultures and walks of life.

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