Kim Dao Shows How To Wear A Kimono

Kim Dao is a popular YouTuber who covers lifestyle and beauty tips. She is from Australia but she is currently living in Japan. In a recent video on her channel, Kim Dao shows how to properly wear a Kimono.

She shot the video in the Kanazawa which is in the Ishikawa Prefecture. She starts out the video wearing a Japanese Kimono and lets us know she’ll be showing us how to put it on and properly wear one.

Her first stop of the day had been at the Kimono shop. Kim Dao chose a pink one because it goes with her dyed hair. She also picked out things to go with the Kimono such as hair accessories. There is a specific style of hair that a woman needs to have when wearing a Kimono which is called Moe. Basically, Kim Dao’s hair was tied up into an intricate bun at the back of her head.

In order to get into a Kimono, one needs help. Kim Dao was dressed by an older lady who has been fitting women into Kimono for many years. It is a very elaborate process with several layers and belts included. After she was fully dressed, she went into town.

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Kim Dao shows in the video what it’s like to move around in a Kimono. The person wearing one needs to be respectful of it so she walks slowly at a steady pace. Kim Dao also took the time to show us the cherry blossoms.