An Illustration of Brian Bonar’s Career Life

Mergers and acquisitions, equity and sourcing is a finance sector that is reserved for a few elites. These topics, being so complex, requires that one to have more the heart for it. If you are in San and want a professional to help you with any of the above, Brian Bonar is the best man for the job.

His decorated education background as well as more than three decades in the industry has made him a best bet for anyone looking for a financial specialist.

Brian studied at James Watt Technical College where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. Bonar had a great vision for his career life. So, he enrolled to further his studies at Stafford University. From the University he graduated with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Upon the completion of his studies, Bonar was first employed at the International Business Machines as a procurement officer. IBM is the world’s largest producer of computers. With his role at the company, he was required that computers were completely assembled before they reached the consumer.

He would be involves in the outsourcing of motherboards which were to be used on this computers. He worked here for about 17 years before being tapped by QMS.

QMS is one of the leading manufacturers of printing solutions, based in Alabama. Bonar joined the company in the year 1984 and was made Executive Director of Engineering. He would supervise over 100 engineers in the development of software and hardware. He worked for the company for four years before joining Rastek Corporation.

Rastek is also a leading laser printer controller developer which is based in Huntsville. At Rastek Corporation, Bonar was the VP of sales and marketing. He again worked here for two years before moving to Adptec Inc, in the year 1990. He worked here for a year, operating as the global sales manager for the company.

According to White Pages, 1991 found Brian Bonar working for Bezier systems. Bezier Systems Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, California. It is one of the most reputable manufacturers and marketers of printers in the area. Bonar worked with this company for a year holding the position of Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

Today, Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Daldara Financial Corporation. He joined the company in the year 1992, working as the Director of technology sales.

He held this position until the year 1994 April. He was then promoted to serve as the VP of sales until September that year. September came and he was further promoted to be the Executive VP of the company, a role that he held until July 1997, when he was appointed COO and President of the company. The following year, he was appointed to be CEO of the company.