Betsy DeVos, an American Politician, Businesswoman, and Activist

Betsy DeVos is a reformer who undertook her vocation at Calvin College and actively became involved in politics ever since. Mrs. DeVos has led various party organizations, political action committees, and campaigns for over thirty years. Betsy held the Chairman title for Michigan Republican Party for six years.

Betsy DeVos Family’s Philanthropy

The DeVoses search for innovative solutions to solve social problems in politics. In 1989, Betsy and Dick founded Windquest Group. Windquest Group is a privately held operating company that invests in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Mrs. DeVos serves as the chairman of the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. According to the interview that Mrs. DeVos had with Philanthropy Roundtable, there are approximately 250,000 students in 33 publicly funded programs and private choice programs in 17 states including the District of Columbia. In 2016, the number of students enrolling in the educational-choice programs increased by 40,000. The DeVos frequently visited the Potter’s House Christian School which serves a large number of low-income families. During these visits, the DeVos realized that there were parents who were struggling and sacrificing to keep their kids in school. As a result, Betsy and Dick started supporting the Potter’s House Christian School. Betsy also started a foundation that offered scholarships to families from low-income areas. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

According to Betsy, her biggest success is in Florida through the scholarship program for tax-credit. Florida has benefited from the extensive educational choice with a growing number of over 50,000 students. Recently, there have also been significant advances in Indiana and Louisiana where programs have been passed to serve almost one million students annually. Dick DeVos started a Charter school for high school children known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The Aviation Academy is situated at the Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids. The school has been operational for three years with three grades as the year’s progress, 9th, 10th and 11th grade.

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the 11th Secretary of Education in the U.S., a position held from February 7, 2017. President Donald J. Trump nominated Betsy, and the U.S. Senate confirmed her. DeVos obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos has been actively involved in education policies and is quite passionate about reforms that help children access quality education. Betsy is also a member of various local and international boards such as Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management situated at the Kennedy Center and Foundation for Excellence in Education.

DeVos has also served as an in-school mentor for fifteen years in the Grand Rapids Public Schools in Michigan. Her interactions with teachers and families changed her perspective of life and education. As secretary, Betsy DeVos hopes to work with President Trump to advance quality education for all students through equal opportunities. Also, Betsy aims at enabling parents to have power and choose over the educational choice programs that best suit their children.

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Who is Betsy Devos?

Betsey DeVos is the current United States Secretary of Education. She has been a long time fighter, and is involved in removing barriers, in education, business and politics. She grew up in Holland Michigan, earning a B.A. at Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a very active Republican involved heavily in education and social reform.

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Mrs. DeVos is a woman that never stops, always campaigning for what she believes in, especially education, and that everyone is entitled to a good one. Many schools are not keeping up with their promises to fulfill good educations for children in lower income areas. Betsey Devos believes that you can and will do better for the children of all ages, economic, and social status. Mr. and Mrs. Devos, being able to pay a good education for their children got started with their philanthropic efforts, while visiting their children’s school. They started meeting parents of other kids at that school. They were finding that most parents were really struggling to pay, so that their kids could keep attending. The DeVos started picking out a few kids that they could help financially attend, and from there it grew. Mr. DeVos ran for State Board of Education and was elected in 1990. She started a foundation that gave scholarships to low-income families for the parents to be able to choose schools for their children. Then Betsey took further steps, serving on the boards of Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. These organizations work to provide vouchers for schools. Betsey believes not only in financially supporting these foundations, but getting out and actively campaigning for parent’s rights to get their kids a good education. There was one state that made it very difficult to achieve, only giving parents one weeks’ notice, to get vouchers for your child. It is almost impossible to find out about a program, getting the necessary paperwork, filled out, and turned in on time. This is when the DeVos kicked in high gear, they paid for radio, billboard ads, mailings, and web ads. They also held community meetings, and worked with churches to get the word out. It was a huge success for the parents.

Now that Mrs. DeVos is the United States Secretary of Education, we can expect to see more improvements. For more information on Betsy DeVos, look online at: or and type her name. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

George Soros Contributing Massive Amounts to Help Promote Vibrant Democracies

Few individuals on earth have the political power that George Soros wields. The New York-based investor has over the years donated millions of dollars to support different political causes around the world. In 2004, for instance, Soros donated $27 million to help defeat President George W. Bush. Since then, the successful entrepreneur has emerged as the leading funder of the Democratic Party. Recently, Soros gave more than $25 million to back Hillary Clinton in the race to the white house. Soros is an active supporter of immigration reform, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reform. Some of the Democrat causes that have directly benefitted from Soros’ funding include Priorities USA Action, America Bridge 21st Century and Immigrant Voters Win.

George Soros’ impact in the political world has been felt since the mid-1980s. His substantial financial backing to various political causes has led to the reconfiguration of different political landscapes around the world. Currently, Soros affects American culture and politics more than any other person alive. Read this story at about George Soros.

Soros was born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary. His father Tivadar Schwartz was a passionate supporter of Esperanto, an artificial language aimed at minimizing nationalistic impulses and advancing harmony among different cultures. In 1936, Tivadar adopted the surname Soros, an Esperanto word meaning “will soar.” Soros family relocated from Hungary to England in 1947. George would enroll at the London School of Economics later, where he had the opportunity to read Karl Poppers works. Popper was a lecturer at LSE, but he never directly taught Soros. His book The Open Society, in particular, had a profound effect on the young Soros. The book promoted moral codes that were founded upon universal principles aimed at promoting welfare for all mankind. It was a theme that would influence Soros’ outlook for the rest of his life.

Soros graduated from LSE in 1952 and started working in a London brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander. Later, in 1956, Soros family relocated to New York. In 1960, Soros married Annalise Witschak. He became a US citizen the following year. In America, George Soros would go on to experience unprecedented financial success, with his company Double Eagle growing in value from $4million in 1969 to more than $1 billion by 1985. Today, Soros has amassed a fortune of over $24.9 billion through risky currency trades.

Since 1979, Soros has been active in philanthropic activities. He has over the years established many Open Society foundations to help create vibrant and tolerant democracies around the world. In 1987, Soros donated $3million a year to charitable causes. By 1992, his spending had grown to over $300 million per year. Read more about George at The New York Times.

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