Jim Tananbaum Invests In Various Healthcare Companies Through Foresite Capital

Since 2011, Jim Tananbaum, the founding CEO of Foresite Capital, has consistently enhanced the growth of the company by investing in healthcare firms. For over two decades, Jim has been rendering his services as a shrewd entrepreneur and investment strategist. With the passage of time, he was motivated to establish a venture that would see other entrepreneurs and companies achieve their goals. According to Jim, development of innovative healthcare products and services require adequate capital. Foresite Capital provides the necessary resources to emerging leaders in the industry. Jim asserts that he achieves success by seeking knowledge and learning the best ways of solving problems in his business. He believes that persistence and commitment aids one to be successful in his or her undertaking. Jim operates his business based on future healthcare needs since the industry is rapidly evolving. Presently, Foresite has invested in 77 companies. Check out Forbes for info.

Jim Tananbaum has founded or co-funded numerous healthcare franchises. At the beginning of his career, Jim co-founded Geltex Pharmaceuticals where he served as the CEO before selling it. Geltex gave rise to Cholestagel and Renvela. Seven years later, the accomplished entrepreneur founded Thervance. Through Theravance, he established GSK, a company that specialized in asthma and emphysema drugs. In addition, Tananbaum has provided visionary leadership to numerous financial ventures, including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Prilosec and HealtheonWebMD. He studied math and computer engineering at Yale University. He also holds an MD and MBA from Harvard, and an MS from MIT. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

At Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum invests in healthcare companies having disruptive and late-stage products and services. He prefers to put his money in companies offering biotechnology, diagnostics, genomics, medical services and healthcare services. Presently, the company’s largest investment is Intarcia, a type II diabetes implant that works to improve the lives of diabetic patients. Foresite has also invested in Aeri Pharmaceuticals, a company that focuses on treatment of glaucoma. The company has sponsored many companies in sequencing and synthetic biology, including 10X, Nanostrong, and Sequenta. The visionary leader maintains a close relationship with numerous leading academicians, including George Whitesides of Harvard, NCI’s Rick Klausner, Roy Vagelos of Merck and Theravance, and Yale’s Rick Levin.

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