Corporate Events and Planning Them

You might have a big event coming up that you aren’t sure how to plan for. It’s not as hard as you may think and can be even better if you are willing to use event planning companies in NYC to help you out.



One of the biggest things you will need to do is to have a theme. A theme is a great thing because it guides the whole party. If it’s a corporate event, then you may want to stick with themes that are classic and fun. These can be anything from a party that is based on your companies latest product or to simply give you a chance to show off your companies best workers. This will be totally up to you, but it’s something you should have figured out before you get to planning.



Food is one of the most important parts of your party and needs to be thought out before you plan your party. This is going to probably link to the theme of the party and what you will be doing for decorations as well. This is because you can have a laid back event with good food, but a high end event with chicken or other lower cost foods may not work. You may need to get catering that goes with your theme. That is where a corporate event planners in NYC such as Twenty Three Layers can help you.


There are several things that you can do in order to get the best party for your event. These companies are going to help you to have a great party that everyone will be talking about. Take your time and really plan what you want so you get the party you want and will be happy while you are attending the party yourself.

Securus Technologies Gathering Vital Crime Evidence

One of the most frustrating parts of my job in law enforcement is trying to find evidence to convict a suspect when they are making a mockery of the system. We already had a suspect in custody for a serious violent crime that left an innocent person paralyzed, yet his attorney was able to get the charges reduced on a technicality. The suspect was about to be released any day from the jail, and unless we found something that would prove they were the suspect in this case, he was going to walk.


This suspect already contacted my office to let me know he was being released, and wanted to rub it in my face that it was because of my inability to find evidence that he was walking. I wanted nothing more than to keep this person behind bars, but unless we had a miracle, this suspect was about to put an entire city in harm’s way. With time running out, we only had one option left to try and keep this suspect locked in jail.


My team made our way to the local jail to let the inmates know that we had in fact gotten a lead on some evidence pertaining to our suspect. While we really didn’t have anything, it was an effort to try and shake our suspect up a little and perhaps getting him to go to the phones and give up what we needed. The jail makes us of Securus Technologies and their call monitoring system, able to listen to all the calls in the jail at the same time, pulling out key chatter and alerting officers.


Within hours of our visit, the suspect was heard on the phones asking his sister to take care of that matter they discussed. She promised it would be done by tonight, so we followed her right to some revealing evidence we were able to use in the case and keep the suspect behind bars.

Paul Mampilly – Popular For Winning The Investment Competition By Templeton Foundation

One of the most distinguished money management professionals in the United States today is Paul Mampilly. He has a breathtakingly successful experience in the finance industry and has helped his clients generate huge profits, even in the most bearish market. Paul Mampilly has a very keen eye for details and has developed a proprietary method for making investment decisions, which has helped him make timely and highly accurate profitable investments. Having worked with some of the biggest financial institutions in the world such as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING in the past, Paul Mampilly knows exactly how the financial markets move.

With the backing of over 25 years of experience, Paul Mampilly started the newsletter named Profits Unlimited, which provides stock market and general investment guidance to the retail investors. Each month, Paul Mampilly recommends stock picks that the subscribers can choose to invest in, and so far all the stock picks that Paul has suggested are in the green. Due to his staggeringly successful career as a stock market and financial analyst, he has featured in some of the most popular finance media networks, including Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Business News. Paul Mampilly believes that it is essential for the people to carefully analyse the stock before investing rather than randomly just going the by market trend and rumours.


Paul Mampilly is also known for winning the investment competition by Templeton Foundation. He managed to convert the $50 million investment to $88 million in just a few months in a very bearish market, and during the heights of recession. He managed to give that private account a return of 76 percent on its investment, which is surprisingly good in a sluggish market. The way he shorted the stocks and the timing he picked to do that has proven to be a matter of close study for many of the stock analysts. The Profits Unlimited newsletter by Paul Mampilly has a large subscription base of over 60,000 members, which makes it one of the top investment newsletters in the United States. Paul Mampilly does in-depth research and analysis before providing his investment advice and guidance to the audience.

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The legendary Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is an experienced psychotherapist from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She has more 20 years of experience in her career. Currently, she helps clients throughout Boston Metropolitan. Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in marriage and family therapy. Her style of work is a warm and inviting tone that works well with her clients. To her, financial problems and lack of communication are the common culprits that make people grow apart. Read more: Pattry Rocklage | Crunchbase

Throughout her career, Patty has accomplished success in different fields that made her one of the most sort-after female psychotherapist in the world. She claims the biggest problem between couples is miscommunication and conflicting personalities. With the introduction of a neutral third party, the couples are able to see each other’s point of view.

Pattys husband, Scott Rocklage has been helpful to her not only as a husband, but also in her career. The chemistry doctor has been successful in his career, and is a close companion to her wife. On July 18, 2016, Patty Rocklage and her husband made a major donation in Scott’s alumnus school.

They funded the renovation of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space in Building 2. Dr Scott carried out his research in the lab and came back to show his appreciation. The school in return gave them a plaque as a gift, which is displayed at the school up-to-date. Patty is an active participant in her community where she participates in different types of social activities such as public speaking, teaching, and coaching.

Both Patty and her husband have gained reputation across the world and in their community through their success stories. They use their reputation, as a weapon to reach to young people for advice; who they say are the pillars for a better future.

Patty Rocklage loves giving back to the community. She has associated herself with many funding organizations among them; the Sudanese Education Fund. The fund is focused in helping the South Sudan community that relocated in her homeland acquire better education. As a psychotherapist, Patty understands people in a more diverse way. Her ability to easily relate with people has made her reach many people in their community.

Arthur Becker: Ups and Downs

From the outside, it seems like every entrepreneur has the same story. They all invest and build companies and brands that turn out incredibly successful. While most entrepreneurs have their share of failures and successes, upon a closer look, very few entrepreneurs have anything in common.

Arthur Becker’s story is completely different from anyone else’s. For starters, Becker follows his passions into whatever industry they lead him to explore. His business dealings spanned over finance, biotech, art, and real estate. He was even a senior adviser for the Vera Wang fashion company. Lately, it seems that he’s focused on real estate.

Early in his career, he worked as a stockbroker. Unsatisfied with his job, Arthur Becker launched a series of startups. He really became interested in early stage biotech companies. Much of his fortune was made from dealing with tech companies; especially NaviSite, a company Becker operated until its sell in 2011.

Now, Arthur Becker is involved in a real estate project involving three luxury townhouses at Sullivan Street. He owned one property on Sullivan Street, which he traded ownership of for ownership of three other Sullivan properties. He was originally developing 10 Sullivan Street, a 16-story condo building, with Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities.

According to The Real Deal, one of his first real estate projects involved a property at 465 Washington Street. He developed the eight-unit luxury condo and sold it for over $50 million. Today, his Tribeca office is near that same property. He also uses his office as an art studio to explore his creative side.

Over the years, Becker became more involved with art and expression. The early part of his life was filled with business ventures and trying to survive the corporate world. Now, the 66-year-old entrepreneur is finding a new meaning of life.

That’s not to say that he’s completely abandoning his business mindset. Much of his artwork involves money of some sort. Many of his sculptures are reproductions or representations of crumpled money. It’s his expression of the way society has placed too much on money.

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How Larkin and Lacey Can Help People

Human rights are often the most-violated rights that people have. They can cause major problems and can be one of the main reasons that people are unable to get everything that they need in their own lives. When someone has their human rights violated, it can be difficult for them to feel comfortable with their lives for the rest of their time. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

It can also make simple things – like finding a job or enjoying a night out – impossible for them because they never know when it is going to happen to them again or when they are going to get in trouble.

Minorities are often the biggest group that has violations against their rights. It can be hard for minorities to feel comfortable in a country that is actually supposed to be one of the best for human rights. They may have things taken away from them, have people judging them or not even be able to get the help that they need just because of the color of their skin or the place that they come from. Larkin and Lacey know that this is wrong and they have always wanted to do something about it to help make a change.

One thing that the men did was report on everything that was going on. They were professional journalists and they knew a lot about human rights. They consistently published information on their own website and in other publications about the wrongdoings of society and how people were constantly losing their rights despite the country claiming to be one of the most progressive.

It was degrading for the people and disappointing for Larkin and Lacey. Since they were reporters, all they really could do was report on it and try to make things easier for people to understand what was going on.

Larkin and Lacey reported on a sheriff in their own city. They were in the Phoenix area and they wanted to tell people that the sheriff was doing things illegally because of all of the things that were going on with the office.

This was a huge problem, though, because the sheriff didn’t care that the things were illegal. The office also didn’t care that the men had constitutional rights to the press and arrested them. Larkin and Lacey knew that they had done nothing wrong and that they had rights. They decided to fight the charges.

The positive aspect came when the men got a settlement from the sheriff’s office. They used the settlement to set up the Frontera Fund.

Now, they still report on the things that are going on in the country and human rights violations but they are able to actually make a huge difference in those same lives through the Frontera Fund and through the different things that they can do with it. They can even help people with the money that they have to make things better for them and for the cases that they are a part of with human rights.

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Mobility Authority Presses for Improved Multi-Modal Austin Transit

As Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, or Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein has a thorough understanding of what improving Austin traffic would look like. He has worked with the agency since 2003, and oversaw its development from a local multi-modal startup into a major toll and roadway agency. He has over thirty years of infrastructure experience and other urban development features including trails, parks, clean air rules, and alternative modes of transport like bicycles and pedestrian bridges.


In an opinion piece he wrote for The Statesman, he explained more about the Mobility Authority’s mission to improve multi-modal transportation throughout the greater Austin area, including bike, pedestrian, and car transport.


Toll roads have been a major part of their strategy. One primary achievement was the 183A Toll road, which helped to accommodate exponential growth in the Cedar Park and Leander area. They also constructed the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor, fixing issues with existing lanes while adding toll lanes which moderate traffic by adjusting the price based upon traffic levels. Unlike many toll road companies, the Mobility Authority is a local agency established by the Travis and Williamson counties.


The Mobility Authority also is developing “Smart Road” technology, which can improve traffic situations and connectivity. The fiber lanes embedded into the 183 S. street between US 290 and the airport are early infrastructure improvements that will expand as technology develops to accommodate it. Traffic apps are another emerging technology that the Mobility Authority has embraced. Together with traffic monitoring cameras, they can offer real-time traffic data for commuters debating their fastest route, or enhancing a car pool experience for drivers.


Yet real traffic solutions for Austin will not be able to end with cars. A holistic approach means improving the bicycling and walking experiences to get more people out of their cars and onto their own power. Mobility Authority and Mike Heiligenstein are dedicated to expanding Shared Use Paths along their project roads, building walking and biking bridges over major roadways, and tying bike routes into existing trails that people can use safely.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was created in 2002 in response to a demand by the citizens of Williamson and Travis Counties that the government find creative and long-term solutions for traffic problems in their area. Their mission is to reduce congestion, improve quality of bike and walking experiences, and increase economic vitality through improved infrastructure.


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Madison Street Capital Oversees the Transaction of the Merger between the Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value

Madison Street Capital is unarguably the leader in investment banking globally, especially in the middle market. The firm was contracted to act as the financial advisor during a transaction that saw DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group merge. DCG Software Value, a software estimation and value management firm, is a long-term client of Madison Street Capital. The Spitfire Group, on the other hand, is a Denver-based tech firm consulting firm that is mostly focused on business.


Mr. Charles Botchway of Madison Street Capital announced the sealing of the transaction on 4th of January this year. Jay Rodgers was given the responsibility of leading the transaction. When making the announcement, Mr. Charles did not give details on to how the transaction went down. With the Madison Street Capital reputation of handling huge transactions, however, this particular transaction can be estimated to have been credible- at the very least.


What the CEOs Said


Commenting afterward, Charles Botchway expressed his happiness for having been privileged to take part of the transaction. He termed The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value as market leaders in the Business Information Technology sector, which made him even more proud to work with them.


As of the two companies’ leaderships, Charles Botchway described them as exceptionally experienced. The team that represented The Spitfire Group in the transaction was led by Mark Richtermeyer, the company’s CEO. Mike Harris, CEO of DCG Software Value, was the company’s team leader.


On his part, Mike Harris thanked Madison Street Capital for its commitment throughout the transaction period. He praised Jay Rodgers and his team for providing his company a well-thought, analyzed, and insightful financial advice. He pledged that DCG Software would continue working closely with Madison Street Capital in its pursuit of bettering its customer service. He promised this on his behalf and that of his new colleague CEO, Mark Richtermeyer.


More about Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a highly respected investment banking firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company’s internationally recognized professional standards have earned it the bragging rights in the banking industry. Madison Street specializes in corporate financial advisory services and raising capital for transfer of ownership as well as M&A transactions. Its other areas of specialty include merger and acquisition expertise, business valuation services, and financial opinions.


Outside of business, Madison Street Capital is involved in philanthropy in and around Illinois. The company is a leading donor for the United Ways Disaster Relief Effort, a charity initiative that assists people affected by disasters.


Why Mike Baur Towers Over The Rest

It’s one thing to be a businessman and another thing to own a business. For starters, a businessman transcends the world of business. Moreover, a businessman possesses the ability to diversify their corporate involvement and apply them to other areas. However, a business owner’s capacity remains limited. For those unaware, a business owner only possesses the ability to own and operate an individual business. With that being said, Mike Baur remains a prominent fixture due to his business acumen. In addition, Mike Baur remains a well-respected businessman throughout the business industry. For those unaware, Mike Baur hails from Switzerland.


To begin, Mike Baur remains the managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. For those unaware, the Swiss Startup Factory remains an investment business. In addition, Mike Baur possesses over 20 years of work-related experience. To name a few of his endeavors, it includes working for UBS and Clariden Leu. However, Mike quit such work in pursuit of investing in start-up companies. Moreover, Mike Baur worked as a member of the START Summiteer program. To expound further, the program remained investment startup contest at the University of St. Gallen. By January of 2014, Baur created the Swiss Startup Factory with his friend Max Meister.


Moreover, Mike Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Furthermore, Baur has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. Throughout the world, he remains renowned for his entrepreneurship and start-up investments. For those unaware, his company remains the number one independent and privately-financed accelerator in Switzerland. In addition, Mike Baur invested a significant amount of time in fostering relationships between the company and the youth of Switzerland. In addition, Mike Baur hails from an educational background. While at the University of Rochester New York, he earned an MBA. Moreover, he earned another MBA at the University of Berne.


In particular, Mike Baur saw an opportunity to bring the world’s talent of investors to one place. Aside from the Swiss Startup Factory being an industry leader, it remains relatively young. Moreover, it single-handedly showcased Mike Baur’s leadership skills. For those unaware, the company aims to provide entrepreneurial talent in Switzerland with a platform for execution. Moreover, it offers coaching, mentoring, office space, and financing to such entrepreneurs. It also places them in connection with additional investment companies. As a result, Mike Baur remains highly respected throughout the industry and an inspiration for several upcoming investors.

Sawyer Howitt Weighs in on Becoming a Professional Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a professional racquetball player who has put in the dedication and discipline to get to the level he is at today. The truth is, almost anyone can become a professional racquetball if they are willing to put in the dedication, discipline, and time to become the best they can be. To succeed, one has to commit to their skills on the court as well as functional fitness off of the court including working out regularly. Eating a balanced, healthy diet will help you thrive on the court by giving you the energy you need as well.

After you decide to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle it’s important to find your path forward. Joining a league will allow you to get some playing experience in. You will also need to find an indoor court to practice on. To become a professional at something it requires about 10,000 hours of experience at something over about 10 years. That’s around 1 hour a day of practice! Some people may catch on faster, and some may take longer.

Finding a coach is the next step in your plan once you dedicate yourself to what you have decided to do. You need to find someone who is knowledgeable in the game and is a good mentor for you. You need someone who will push you to achieve your potential while enhancing the skills you gain. It might take going through a few coaches to find someone who gets your personality and style of play but don’t give up till you find the person you are looking for that is the right fit for you. It will pay off massively in the future!

Sawyer Howitt is one person who could tell you about achieving racquetball success. Sawyer Howitt is a professional racquetball player who belongs to the Oregon Racquetball Club and is also a very successful entrepreneur. When not practicing or playing racquetball as a professional he loves to spend his time working with his father David Howitt who is the proprietor of the Meriweather Group by undertaking many projects the company works on. In his spare time, Sawyer Howitt enjoys listening to music and pursuing his hobby of photography.

Sawyer Howitt is following in his father David’s footsteps as he helps work with the entrepreneur-centric Meriweather Group. The company reaches out to entrepreneurs from all walks of life and provides them with training to help them start their own business endeavors. The company began when David started in 2008 and continues to run smoothly today already having accumulated over 50 clients that are mentored through the program.

Sawyer Howitt is very fortunate to have a great mentor in his father David who is teaching him all he knows about business. David has affected many young entrepreneurs and also left an imprint on his own son Sawyer’s professional life as well. David was also recently recognized as a Business Leader to watch as of 2017 by the Portland Business Journal.