Jeremy Goldstein Collaborates With Fountain House To Light Up the Lives Of Individuals Battling With Mental Disorders

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected lawyer and philanthropist who recently threw a fundraising dinner to raise funds for Fountain House. The organization is devoted to the rehabilitation of individuals who have mental illness.

Mental illness is one of the most prevalent issues facing our society today. The devastating effects of this condition are evident in the recent mass shootings and suicides witnessed. Families, communities, and individuals are deprived of healthy fulfilling lives by this pandemic that affects millions of people around the world.

As a board member of Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein is always on the forefront helping people with mental illness lead a fulfilling life by providing members of Fountain House with opportunities to work, learn, and contribute to society. The organization was started in 1944 by six individuals who were undergoing recovery at the Rockland State Hospital in New York.

Fountain House partners with local and international community members to spread and teach their rehabilitation model. The model focuses on encouraging people battling mental illness to acquire new skills, pursue their education and seek employment, boost their confidence and cultivate relationships by working together and supporting each other.

The organization also runs mental wellness programs in New York, urges people living with mental disorders to adjust their habits and attitude towards life and designs new and well-researched methods of rehabilitation for its members. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and
The organization has been successful in assisting its members to access housing and staying in school. Fountain House also helps its members to apply for jobs, and it has significantly reduced the unemployment rate of people living with mental illness in New York. It also has other programs including a young Adults initiative which helps youths living with mental disorders to go through life and handle the challenges their condition presents.

Fountain House has touched the lives of many people since its inception. Many experts in the healthcare profession acknowledge and commend the organization for its efforts.

Individuals like Dr. Nirav Shah who served as the state Commissioner of Health for New York and Conard Hilton Foundation’s president Steven Hilton hail Fountain House for its humanitarian initiatives. In 2014, the organization received the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.

Jeremy Goldstein oversees his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is committed to guiding individuals and organizations on issues to do with corporate governance and administration compensation. He is also an author and commentator of these issues. He studied at New York University and graduated with a J.D.

Jeremy Goldstein looks at every setback as an opportunity. He likes to develop and grow relationships with his clients which puts him in a better position to advise them. He is considered as one of the top compensation lawyers by The Legal 500.

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