Interview With Daniel Taub: Forever Mr Ambassador!

As a formal ambassador, there are many things that are important to Daniel Taub. Perhaps one of the most important areas would be his Jewish faith, which was on prominent display when he visited Queen Elizabeth.

You see, roots are very important to Daniel Taub. Although he was born in England in 1962, he has held tight to his deep Jewish roots. He recently returned to Israel after making his plans for retirement obviously to everyone within the English political elite.

Like many Jews, Daniel Taub feels that his exile from his home country has been long enough after 2,000 years. That is one of the reasons why he is proud to raise his family in the place where it all started. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Of course, starting out he wasn’t a hundred percent sure that it would succeed. Of course, even though he met some early difficulty, his mission has always remained the same: to bring Britain and his country of origin Israel closer together in everything he says and does.

At the farewell reception for the outgoing ambassador, many individuals were in agreement to that fact. Many said he was actually more popular than Israeli Ambassador Shlomo Argov, who was fatally shot in London in the early 1980’s.

Moreover, Taub has persisted in his view that the simple act of having faith can build many bridges across otherwise unpassable roads. He also believes the best path for both countries would be a policy of “strategic cooperation” and not just a tug-of-war where they struggle to exist.

Of course, the fact that Daniel Taub actually had to give up his British citizenship in order to improve relations between the two countries goes a long way as well. He may have not ever been shot like one of his predecessors but he does understand the nature of sacrifice.

He also adroitly realizes the importance of the British media in improving Israel’s continued standing in the world. Taub realizes that the British media is the center of the world in a lot of ways and that their solid treatment of Israel can only help the strategic small nation continue to prosper for decades to come.

Even though we have now reached the end of the ambassadorship for Daniel Taub, there are actually many positive epitaphs that could be written about his tenure.

Perhaps the best way to sum it up would be that it has been “all right. Very all right.”

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