Sawyer Howitt Weighs in on Becoming a Professional Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a professional racquetball player who has put in the dedication and discipline to get to the level he is at today. The truth is, almost anyone can become a professional racquetball if they are willing to put in the dedication, discipline, and time to become the best they can be. To succeed, one has to commit to their skills on the court as well as functional fitness off of the court including working out regularly. Eating a balanced, healthy diet will help you thrive on the court by giving you the energy you need as well.

After you decide to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle it’s important to find your path forward. Joining a league will allow you to get some playing experience in. You will also need to find an indoor court to practice on. To become a professional at something it requires about 10,000 hours of experience at something over about 10 years. That’s around 1 hour a day of practice! Some people may catch on faster, and some may take longer.

Finding a coach is the next step in your plan once you dedicate yourself to what you have decided to do. You need to find someone who is knowledgeable in the game and is a good mentor for you. You need someone who will push you to achieve your potential while enhancing the skills you gain. It might take going through a few coaches to find someone who gets your personality and style of play but don’t give up till you find the person you are looking for that is the right fit for you. It will pay off massively in the future!

Sawyer Howitt is one person who could tell you about achieving racquetball success. Sawyer Howitt is a professional racquetball player who belongs to the Oregon Racquetball Club and is also a very successful entrepreneur. When not practicing or playing racquetball as a professional he loves to spend his time working with his father David Howitt who is the proprietor of the Meriweather Group by undertaking many projects the company works on. In his spare time, Sawyer Howitt enjoys listening to music and pursuing his hobby of photography.

Sawyer Howitt is following in his father David’s footsteps as he helps work with the entrepreneur-centric Meriweather Group. The company reaches out to entrepreneurs from all walks of life and provides them with training to help them start their own business endeavors. The company began when David started in 2008 and continues to run smoothly today already having accumulated over 50 clients that are mentored through the program.

Sawyer Howitt is very fortunate to have a great mentor in his father David who is teaching him all he knows about business. David has affected many young entrepreneurs and also left an imprint on his own son Sawyer’s professional life as well. David was also recently recognized as a Business Leader to watch as of 2017 by the Portland Business Journal.



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