Whitney Wolfe Lures New Singles From Her Old Dating App To Her New Dating App

It has been said that all is fair in love and war. That is what some might say when they look at the friendly competition that Whitney Wolfe has created with her new company and the older company that she help start.

Tinder is popular as it is because it was co-founded by Whitney Wolfe. Now she has another company that she started on her own called Bumble. This makes her new company a competitive force against the company that she previously started.

It is an interesting position for Whitney Wolfe to be in, but she appears to be quite impressed with the way that our new company is doing. In fact, it is luring crowds away from the Tinder app to Bumble because her Bumble app provides a different outlook on dating.

This has become the app that many men and women are interested in because it actually focuses more on long-term relationships. With the previous dating app that she helped start called Tinder it was evident that there was very little room for true relationships to flourish. With this app it was more so a playground for those that simply wanted to keep things light and engage in hanging out.

Whitney Wolfe had a desire so she created Bumble for those love-starved singles. This would be the app that would turn out to be a breakout hit among the other monotonous apps that all presented the same options.

As a young entreprenuer in her twenties, Whitney Wolfe would take the world by storm as a female leader in the dating app industry. She was doing something that had not been done before, and she was still under the age of 30. This is something that caught the attention of magazines like Forbes and other publications like the Washington Post.

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