The strides that Adam Goldenberg is taking in transforming the fashion world

When you think about people that invest in the fashion industry, Adam Goldenberg is not the first person that comes to mind. However, after the work that they have done with JustFab, Inc, it is safe to say that they are now reshaping the entire fashion E-commerce sector.

One of the things that can be said about Adam Goldenberg is that he is great at spotting trends on He has also proven to be an expert in growing businesses and transforming them into brands that lead the entire industry. They have a combination of passion and fun that is not easy to find in the ever serious fashion industry. Adam Goldenberg founded his very first company when he was only 15 years old. After three years on the business, he sold it out to Intermix. After the sale, Adam Goldenberg decided to quit high school and move across the country to join Intermix. He joined Intermix in the capacity of Vice President of Strategic Planning.

It is his business partnership with Don Ressler that helped him get ideas for the third company that he invested in, JustFab, Inc. The pair realized that there was a gap in the fashion industry and especially in fashion items that the client had a say in the creation on They figured out that in most of the online fashion stores, the customer was not really choosing the item they wanted, but picking from a series of preselected items. They created a brand that allowed the customer to design. The other concept that they added was adding the influence of trendsetters such as Kate Hudson, Kimora Lee Simmons and several others in the creation of the fashion items that are part of the brand.

The current success that the company at is experiencing is evidence that he is one of the most innovative business minds in the country.

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