Securus Technologies Announces Certification of Employees

Securus Technologies has continued to be one of the leading provider of technology, communication, and security services and products to the wall enforcement industry. The company, which is based out of Dallas, has provided products and services to hundreds of facilities across the country. While Securus Technologies is best known for its high end products, such as its video visitation services, the company’s best assets is its talents personnel.


This past month Securus Technologies announced that eleven of its tech professionals received a very prestigious level of certification. The newest members to receive the certification received it from one of the most prestigious professional organizations in the field.


One of the struggle that companies in this industry face is having employees that are legally qualified to complete installation and improvements at federal facilities. Now that these 11 people have received the certification they will be able to perform these installations. This should allow the company to expand at a greater speed than ever before and will allow them to build an even greater market share.

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