About Mike Baur And Contribution To Nurturing Talents

Mike Baur is a talented venture capitalist and entrepreneur with a massive experience in the business world. He boasts of at least 10 years working in the banking sector in Switzerland and he has mentored many young investors, who are now renowned entrepreneurs across the country. Mike dropped from the banking sector in 2014 at the age of 39 and decided to spend the rest of his time nurturing ideas and talents. This was followed by the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, a foundation that has been taking in start-ups with great ICT ideas.

Steps to success with the accelerator
Only the most qualified startups are selected since hundreds of applications are submitted for consideration. In the whole system, only two batches are taken every year (in January and September).

During the three months, the ideas presented are measured, built and learning embarked on. This has been helping the learners to achieve ambitious milestones. Finally, a demo day is slated for the entrants to have direct contact with the market and to further understand the things they have learnt along the way. What follows is the curve-out, where the startup made a legal entity. Additionally, the Swiss Startup Factory offers post-acceleration support for five months.

Growth hacking
The growth accelerator program helps startups that are already matured to achieve the goals they have. This process is implemented through identifying the barriers deterring growth and the experts come up with a unique service package that serves specific needs.

At this level, the startup is helped to access financing since most of them are stuck with good ideas but due to lack of funding it becomes difficult to proceed. There is also a business development package that allows the idea to grow into an entity. Moreover, leadership management services are also offered to allow the business grasp the right management practices to survive in the competitive market.

Mike Baur
Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur had always wanted to pursue Banking and Finance right from childhood. His dream came true after he joined Rochester University for an MBA as well as an Executive MBA from Bern University. Mike launched the most sought after company in Switzerland, the Swiss Startup Factory, which is offering invaluable support to start-up entrepreneurs. He has invested in the company and most of his time has gone into ensuring proper management of resources so as to create room for more talented individuals.

Protecting your Online Reputation Is Very Important

In the age of cyber bullies and frequent internet disasters, protecting one’s online reputation is vital for business owners. All it takes is a few negative insights or bad reviews to cripple sales and revenue of entrepreneurs. Working hard to reach that high rating score is a feat on its own, but maintaining it is where the real skill comes in. Mega giants are hardly affected by a few bad comments here and there, but for fresh businesses and small entrepreneurs, these comments mean the world to their survival and success.

Combating these negativities can be tricky! With so many platforms being interconnected and monitored globally by your customers every day, horrific comments can go overlooked. Putting a plan into action and seeking aide from an online reputation management group like Searchcleanup.com can remove negative reviews and reduce the time and hassle of spending hours looking for a needle in a haystack!

Picture this scenario. You log onto your social media account and on your newsfeed, is a John Doe raising cane about his experience and boy is he going off!

Your first instinct may be to set your keyboard on fire with keystrokes to get put this person in check. Nope! That is the wrong move and will make you look even worse. There’s an old saying,” You can’t fight fire with fire!” This is a very true statement. Your loyal customers will begin to change their perspective and there goes your increased revenue right out the window.

Employing a more tactical approach would be to post something that does not address the person, but their issue and what you’ve done to correct it.

Another savory method could be to start a promotion or huge sale. Customers tend to overlook a negative comment when there are good deals to take advantage of. It shows your customers that you can weather a storm and keep your cool.

Online reputation management services are very helpful and can take the stress away from having to figure out ways to improve your image. A great starting place is Searchcleanup.com. They can clean up search results because they know what they’re doing and how to do it, so let the pros take it from here!

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